Septic Systems 

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  • Septic System Installation RI
  • New Technology Septic Systems
  • Engineered Septic Designs, Repair and Upgrades
  • Approved Septic Plan designs
  • Sewer Connections
  • Fully Licensed and Approved
  • Licensed septic systems inspectors
  • WE DIG® has licensed, experienced septic installation installers with years of experience
  • We have installed over 500 different drainfield, pressurized, and alternative septic systems.
    • F.A.S.T. Systems
    • Advantex Systems
    • Orenco Systems
    • Bottomless Sand Filters
    • Eljen In Drains
    • Shallow narrow drain fields
    • Gallies
    • Flow Diffusers
    • Trench & Stone System
    • White knight Wastewater Treatment
    • Advanced Septic Inspections ( Flow Tests)
    • Etc.

•All work will meet or exceed building codes.

•Signed contracts require initial deposit.

•Fast responsive service

•Over 95% of contractors & customers would recommend us to others

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